February 7, 2023

On February 28th a conference on Enhanced Learning and Teaching in International Virtual Environments: Save the date


Next February 28th, it will be held the final conference of the ENLIVEN project, whose aim was to develop innovative foundations for an international digital learning environment. The event will take place at the University of Pisa and also online and will provide attendees with an overview of the project and its results.

“Survival Kit,” e-modules for virtual teaching and learning, guidelines for creating an inclusive international learning environment, and modules on European competencies will be presented. The conference will also feature presentations on educating to scientific thinking in elementary physics courses, remote lab experiences in computer science, and developing the digital dimension in higher education.

The conference is open to all and registration is available until February 22nd, through the following link: https://forms.office.com/e/94qtxxgWFR. At this link you can download the agenda for more information.

The ENLIVEN project involves a consortium of six universities from across Europe that are committed to improving and enriching existing distance learning practices. By creating a virtual international learning environment, the project hopes to deepen collaboration with European partners and make virtual mobility closer to physical mobility.