May 11, 2022

Save the date l Family Reunification Directive: 20 years of implementation l 16 May 14:00-16:15 CET Virtual roundtable l UNHCR and the Red Cross EU Office


The Red Cross EU Office (RCEU), partner of the SAFE project, is organising together with UNHCR a virtual event on family reunification. The event will be an online roundtable ‘’Family Reunification Directive: 20 years of implementation’’, and will take place on 16 May 2022 from 14:00-16:15 CET.

Family unity and family life are fundamental rights enshrined in international and European Union (EU) law, states have an obligation to facilitate access to these essential rights. The objective of the event is to explore possible initiatives to improve the accessibility of family reunification for all beneficiaries of international protection and ensure that their right to family life is guaranteed.  

The roundtable will bring together key speakers from UNHCR, the Red Cross, the European Council on Refugees and Exiles (ECRE), members of European and national parliaments, as well as the European Commission 

Please REGISTER here if you want to the join the event. You can find the detailed programme of the event HERE.