November 9, 2018

Skills For The Future: Managing Transition // Turin, 21-22 November




In the context of the collaboration with the European Training Foundation on entrepreneurship and employability, launched within the framework of the RESUME Project, UNIMED will attend the conference “Skills for the Future: Managing Transition”, which will be held by the ETF in Turin on 21-22 November.

180 participants from 50 countries will participate in the 2-days conference, which aims to explore what is needed from a skills perspective for developing and transition countries to respond to global trends shaping the labour market of tomorrow.  The discussion will be articulated along four main topics:

  1. Mastering global trends
  2. Tackling country-specific challenges
  3. Addressing the future of skills, education and training
  4. Supporting the transition toward the future

The full programme is available here and the conference can be livestreamed here.