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First Expert Forum on “Innovative Virtual Teaching and Learning” held by the VALEU-X project

In May 2020 the VALEU-X project, Virtual Albanian European Universities Exchange, has held its first Expert Forum on “Innovative Virtual Teaching and Learning” moderated by the Technische Universität Dresden from Germany. The event was originally planned to take place in Tirana, hosted by the European University of Tirana. Due to the COVID-19 restrictions it has been moved online on the same dates.

The Forum has been organized in three sessions, one for academic staff, one for students and one for Albanian experts and decision makers, including experts from the Albanian Ministry of Education, Sport and Youth, the Quality Assurance Agency of Higher Education (ASCAL), the Directory of Taxes Korce, and the Lower Secondary School “Sotir Gurra” Korce.

The sessions were arranged as a free room for discussion on topics that included, among others: Virtual Collaborative Learning; Technical and didactic learning practices; e-Learning environment and spaces; Students/staff digital literacy; Digital learning tools and platforms.

The Expert Forum was attended by 9 universities from 4 different countries (Albania, Slovenia, Italy and Germany). Academic staff, students and experts were invited to attend and animate the discussions. Each forum was introduced by a welcome from the project manager of TUD, Mattis Altmann, a presentation on the Virtual Collaborative Learning (VCL) concept by Prof. Eric Schoop from TUD, and a presentation on the results of the “Albanian Needs Assessment report” by Dr. Besarta Vladi from UET.

An Expert Forum Teaser Video has been also produced.