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Libya Restart: a journey analysis

Since 2014 UNIMED has committed its work to support Higher Education Institutions in crisis emergencies, promoting cooperation as a priority, through capacity building, mobility, exchange of ideas and sharing of knowledge.

In this long journey, we learnt that Universities can play a decisive role in easing the crises, in rebuilding competencies and shaping the future of countries. This is particularly true in the case of Libya.

UNIMED has firstly approached Libya in 2015 through an Erasmus+ funded project, while now our engagement in the country absorbs a great share of activities and initiatives. In our opinion and due to our experience, Universities in Libya can really make the difference through empowerment and collaboration, being the University considered as a key player for stability by the local population. In 2018 UNIMED decided to launch the Libya Restart project, an institutional initiative aimed at gaining a deeper understanding of the Libyan Higher Education System, through a research activity performed jointly by UNIMED staff and Libyan colleagues.

We spent one year collecting and analyzing data and documentation, discussing results with our friends in Libya, sharing ideas, making mistakes, finding alternative sources and interpretations.

Libya Restart is the concrete result of our work. Download here the executive summary.