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The RAISD project in support of vulnerable groups // International Migrants Day 2020

UNIMED celebrates International Migrants Day on December 18th by reiterating its commitment to the inclusion of Migrants in the host societies and education. We seize this special occasion to present to you the RAISD Project in which UNIMED teams up with other partners to work for vulnerable migrants. 


UNIMED is one of the partners of RAISD (Reshaping Attention and Inclusion Strategies for Distinctively vulnerable people among the forcibly displaced), a three years Research and Innovation Action funded by the Horizon 2020 programme of the European Union, coordinated by the  Universidad Complutense de Madrid and implemented by a group of Universities and Civil Society Organizations in Spain, Finland, Italy, Hungary, Turkey, Lebanon and Jordan.

Its main objectives can be summerised as discovering highly vulnerable groups among Forcibly Displaced People, developing the concept of vulnerability context to gain a different perspective in dealing with migration, analyzing their specific challenges and needs regarding integration and well-being and identifying suitable and evidence-based aid strategies to promote their involvement and improve their inclusion in host societies. 

In the frame of the International Migrants Day it is particularly worth mentioning that the contribution of the project, which will end in January 2022, to the cause of making “migration work for all” will be to design, implement and test a series of so called “Tailored Attention and Inclusion Strategies” in the participating countries, practical pilot experiences supporting and facilitating the integration of Forcibly Displaced Persons in the local societies.

In fact the project addresses Forcibly Displaced Persons belonging to Vulnerable groups irrespective of their age and occupation, thus including young people willing to resume their studies which they had to leave when escaping from their home countries: which is UNIMED’s  main area of intervention and the reason for participating in the project.

The successful completion of the project will contribute to the cause of improving migrants’ life at least in two ways:

1) The beneficiaries of the pilot experiences will receive different types of support in their daily lives: these experiences will be evaluated and improved where necessary in three rounds so as to make them more effective and useful;

2) The actors of the project, including a wide range of stakeholders, are experimenting new ways of supporting persons belonging to Vulnerable Groups thus increasing their knowledge and capacities to operate in the field;

3) The results of the optimized Tailored Strategies will be formulated as operational models, validated in the field, and will be made available to all those actors willing to replicate them.

In this way the RAISD project is expected to produce a series of clearly beneficial effects to improving the lives of Forcibly Displaced People by turning research results into concrete actions in favor of Vulnerable groups through a Quintuple Helix approach.

For more information about the RAISD Project, you can visit the Project’s Website: https://raisd-h2020.eu/ 

You can learn more on this International Day on the UN page and take part in initiatives carried out today on social media through the dedicated hashtags #WeTogether #MigrantsDay #InternationalMigrantsDay.