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UfM: Forum on Innovation and Employability on November 18th, 2021_Register by November 16th, 2021

How can universities and research centres contribute to sustainable economic development? How can business and academia cooperate for sustaining innovative careers for Mediterranean students and researchers?

The UfM Forum on Innovation and Employability will be live online on 18 November 2021 from 13:00 to 16:00 hrs CET.

Register, by 16 November 2021, through this form.

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Even though there are substantial differences in political, social, and economic conditions across the Mediterranean region, it is safe to say that with 25% youth unemployment, the un- and underemployment of university graduates in the Mediterranean region has been a major challenge with all of the characteristics of a so-called ‘wicked problem’. It is socially complex, has many interdependencies, and is charged with social, economic and considerations that limit the effectiveness of any single course of action. Wicked problems can be best tackled by taking a collaborative approach, engaging all stakeholders to create a common vision and narrative, and develop innovative strategies.

In recent years, the Union for the Mediterranean has therefore doubled its commitment to higher education, developing exchange platforms that enhance information flows between academia, industry and policymakers, fostering dialogue and a shared vision. In the quest for increased connectivity between the three spheres to power innovation and employability, higher education institutions and research centres are seen as key drivers of change, ideally suited to ‘connect the dots’ because they are impartial, and driven by curiosity and long-term perspectives. However, to deliver on those expectations, the three spheres must work together. Together they can become a new motor of innovation and employability.

UNIMED is part of this initiative and is contributing to the debate with the participation of Dr. Joseph Assad, Dean of our School of Engineering, University of Holy Spirit of Kaslik, who will highlighting actions, strategies and best practices in these partnerships, with a focus on his experience within his University and within UNIMED in cooperating on this topic and examples of how key stakeholders have crossed boundaries to work together to increase impact.



High-level staff from universities and research centres with participation of industry and policy bodies (e.g. research ministry, economics ministry) and other relevant complementary stakeholders

The number of participants is limited to 80.   Register, by 16 November 2021, through this form.

For questions, kindly refer to education@ufmsecretariat.org