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Gender In/equality in Media and Journalism

The Erasmus+ Virtual Exchange project is offering a new learning opportunity: ‘Gender In/equality in Media and Journalism’an intercultural online course for students and professionals who want to consume or produce more accountable media.
‘Gender In/equality in media and Journalism’ is a 5-week (paced) course, where participants engage with learning resources and expert content developed by Advancing Gender Equality in Media Industries (AGEMI)But more importantly, they get the chance to exchange ideas and share perspectives with peers in online intercultural group sessions.
Participants gain a grounded understanding of different inequality and intersectional issues including representation and stereotyping, working conditions, access to decision-making, leadership positions and more. They will also be doing a practice-based assignment creating a video- audio- or written report based on community interviews. An Erasmus+ Virtual Exchange digital badge is given to participants who successfully meet the course requirements.
The estimated time commitment is 3-4 hours per week. Please see the course outline for a weekly breakdown of the topics, assignments and information on assessment.
This course is open and free of charge to all between the age of 18-30, residing in one of the Erasmus+ Virtual Exchange programme countries. We are now accepting registrations!  

Deadline to register is September 1, 2019.