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MEDSPRING Project: Call for contributions

In the framework of the Mediterranean Science, Policy, Research & Innovation Gateway – MED-SPRING project - , UNIMED launch a call for contributions to collect research stories and working papers on the project themes:
• Resource Efficiency (particularly Water),
• High Quality Affordable Food and
• Energy
Briefly, the MedSpring project is a coordination and support action (FP7 – INCO.2012-1.3/ Mediterranean Partner Countries), built on the previous experience of the INCO.NET MIRA, but adapted to the new reality of the Euro-Mediterranean policy and the general orientations defined in the Euro-Mediterranean Conference of Barcelona (2-3 April 2012) and it is lead by the IAMB. It is mainly focused on three societal challenges (Energy, High Quality Affordable Food, and Scarcity of resources) and aims at tackling policy objectives by creating a dialogue and coordination platform of governmental institutions, research organisations, associations and civil society.
The call for contributions is addressed to young researcher, from southern Mediterranean countries, with a research focus on the Nexus among Energy; High Quality Affordable Food and Scarcity of resources (mainly water) and how it satisfies the sustainability dimensions (economic, environmental, social and considering the institutional/governance dimension as cross-cutting).
The better and innovative contributions will be selected through peer-review and published in the MedSpring project and UNIMED websites.

Download here the call for contributions to get further information on the instructions how to participate and the template for the contributions.
Please send your inputs and contributions to unimed@uni-med.net by June 30th 2015 writing in the email object: MedSpring research contribution.