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Members – Renewable Energies and Environment

ALGERIA Ecole National Politecnique Algeri – Université de Blida Prof. Menouer BOUGHEDAOUI, Research team leader of transport and industry air pollution – Laboratory Manager of Energy and Atmospheric Pollution Laboratory
EGYPT Alexandria University Prof. Khaled ELSAADANY, Coordinator of Egyptian Networkof Innovative Technology, ENIT
GREECE University of Piraeus Prof. Alexandros FLAMOS, Assistant Professor on Techno economics of Energy Systems National Technical University of Athens
Prof. John PSARRAS, EPU NTUA Director of DSS Laboratory
ITALY University of Salento Prof. Andrea FILIERI, Department of Engineering and Innovation
Prof. Antonio TREVISI, Energy and Environment Research Centre, CREA
ITALY University of Bari Prof. Giacomo SCARASCIA MUGNOZZA, Department of Planning and Management of Agro-Livestock and Forestry, PROGESA
ITALY University of Messina Prof. Signorino GALVAGNO, President of Centre for human resources attraction and spin off, CARECI
MOROCCO University of Muhammad V- Rabat Prof. Tijani BOUNAHMIDI, Engineering Research Centre on “Eau, Energie, Environnement et Développement Durable”
PALESTINE An-Najah National University Prof. Imad IBRIK, Director of Energy Research Centre and Associate professor in Energy Systems
PALESTINE University College of Applied Sciences, UCAS – Gaza Dr. Muhamad ALAFIFI, International relations Officer
PALESTINE Islamic University of Gaza Prof. Monzir ABDEL-LATIF