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Mobility and Intercultural dialogue on air!

In the framework of UNIMED SubNetwork Mobility and intercultural dialogue, a series of webinars has been organized, as a weekly appointment, from the 2nd to the 23 th of April. Around 35/40 participants from the Universities of Algeria, Tunisia, Morocco, Jordan, Palestine, Portugal, Italy, Libya, Lebanon, Spain, among others, weekly attended these webinars.
The first webinar has seen Mr. Marcello Scalisi, UNIMED director, introducing the goals and the structure of the SubNetwork, and Pr. Youssef Ben Othman, vice-rector of the University of Tunis El Manar, presenting to the audience the project DIRE-MED, Dialogue Interculturel, REseaux et Mobilité en MEDiterranée. The webinar was also enriched by Mr. Fabio Nascimbeni – UNIMED consultant, Ms. Sophie Millner – Senior Partnerships Officer for the Sharing Perspective Foundation, and Ms. Sara Pittarello – responsible for UNICollaboration for Erasmus+ Virtual Exchange Outreach with EU Higher Education Institutions and National Agencies, presenting the Erasmus + Virtual Exchange programme and all the services it can offer to the universities.
The second webinar, animated by Mr. Enrico Sartor, expert on the topic of the Universities’ internationalisation, was dedicated to the definition and implementation of a winning strategy for incoming students.
The third one, focused on UNIMED’s support and initiatives towards students and youth, has been organized in collaboration with the Erasmus Student Network. Mr. Kostis Giannidis, ESN president and Ms. Marie-Céline Falisse, ESN liaison officer, presented their Network’s activities and services offered to international students, universities and local communities and presented the main results of their report on the Impact of COVID-19 on Student Exchanges in Europe.
The last webinar of this series, organised in collaboration with the Anna Lindh Foundation (ALF), was dedicated on intercultural dialogue. Mr Nabil El Sharif, Executive Director of ALF, highlighted that their goal for promoting euro-mediterranean dialogue is more relevant than ever, in times of COVID-19, to fight against prejudices. Ms. Eleonora Insalaco, Head of Operations and Research of ALF, presented the main findings of the Intercultural Trends and social changes in the Euro-Med region report.
These two last webinars were opened to university students and their participation has been a great value.
The significant participation, the quality of the debates and exchanges experienced during these four webinars will encourage UNIMED and the members of this SubNetwork to reflect and implement other activities for promoting mobility and dialogue and going through the physical borders and restrictions we are currently facing. This aspect has been stressed by Mr El Sharif and Mr. Scalisi presenting the common ALF-UNIMED initiative, in time of: #Covid-19: Euro-Mediterranean Dialogue and Cooperation must continue“.
Launched as an initiative of the DIRE-MED project, the SubNetwork on Mobility and Intercultural Dialogue gathers 51 universities from 15 countries and aims at promoting academic cooperation between members on the topics of mobility and exchange of people to promote and develop intercultural dialogue. Discover more here