January 27, 2023

36 Kurdish Academic staff members participated in the Field visit to UNIMED in Rome in the framework of the APPRAIS project


In January 2023, 36 Academic staff members from Kurdish universities have participated in a circular field visit in Rome and Murcia in the framework of the APPRAIS project. The Kurdish colleagues were Directors of International Relations, Quality Assurance Directors, Vice Presidents for Scientific Affairs, Deans of Colleges and Responsible for implementing the Bologna process, as well as representatives of the KRG Ministry of Higher Education and Scientific Research. 

The visit at UNIMED, focused on internationalisation and mobility, was hosted by UNINT – Università degli studi internazionali di Roma, and aimed at facilitating the smooth implementation of the Bologna process at each partner HEIs by strengthening the internationalisation process of institutions and by strengthening strategic cooperation, partnerships and networking, with particular focus to improve the recognition of credits, learning mobility and quality assurance. 

The first part of the circular field visit allowed Kurdish staff to know more about UNIMED and the role that regional organisations can play in facilitating internationalisation. Then, the visit was an occasion to meet colleagues of Italian universities such as UNINT – International University of Rome, the Internatinal Telematic University UNINETTUNO and Sapienza University of Rome. The Italian colleagues shared their experince in the management of international mobilities in the Italian Higher Eduation system, especially regarding the digitalization and automation of the procedures, as well as the daily management of internationalisation activities. Moreover, they had the opportunity to discover a different way of implementing teaching and mobility, thanks to the experience of UNINETTUNO, the first Italian Telematic University.  Despite online learning is not still fully recognized in Kurdistan, the experience of UNINETTUNO offered food for toughts for the future of teaching and learning in Kurdish universities.

On the first day, the field visit hosted also INDIRE, the National Institute for Documentation, Innovation and Educational Research, and the National Agency for the programme Erasmus+. The presentation focused on the opportunities for mobility between Italian and foreign universities, giving to the Kurdish universities a number of tips and suggestions on how to take the best advantages of these opportunities and strenghten the cooperation with Italian universities.

On the second day in Rome, the field visit focused on credit recognition and quality assurance, with the participation of Italian institutions such as CIMEA, the Information Centre on Academic Mobility and Equivalence and ANVUR, the Italian National Agency for the Evaluation of Universities and Research Institutes. Participants learned about recognition in the framework of international mobility, the different Qualification Framework and Accreditation international references, the procedures for recognition and the challenges of international mobility, quality assurance and external evaluation, hearing about the work of the External Agency for Evaluation of universities in Italy. 

The field visit was another key result of the APPRAIS project. The experience allowed Kurdish universities to further work on internationalisation, learning mobility and credits recognition and will certainly be another concrete step to establish future and solid cooperation with the EU universities. The experience is also beneficial for Kurdish staff members to complement the skills and knowledge addressed by the APPRAIS MOOC on governance, quality assurance and Bologna process implementation. 

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