July 14, 2023

Beyond the Mediterranean: the importance of boosting Academic collaboration, an interview with Prof. Laswar Al-Khader, President of the University of Aden


Discussing the impact of the conflict on higher education, Professor Laswar Al-Khadher, President of the University of Aden (Yemen), in his interview with UNIMED during the General Assembly held in March 2023 in Granada, highlighted the pressing issue of brain drain as a consequence of the war. He stressed the need for collaborations with other universities within the UNIMED network to address this problem effectively, by engaging in discussions on political aspects such as peace, integration between countries, and legal and illegal migration.

President Al-Khadher underscored the importance of being part of UNIMED, emphasizing the network’s potential for facilitating fruitful exchanges between universities, even beyond geographical boundaries. He mentioned that despite Yemen’s current challenging situation, which has endured more than eight years of conflict, the University of Aden has strived to maintain its role and dedication to education. The institution aims to convey the realities of the Yemeni situation, and besides seeking support from the international academic community it can also provide insights to others because of its experience.

The UNIMED General Assembly 2023 served as a remarkable platform for dialogue and collaboration, reaffirming the significance of academic alliances in promoting peace and security worldwide. The University of Aden, despite being geographically distant from the Mediterranean, has been a member of UNIMED since 2018 and recognizes the role UNIMED plays in fostering exchange and cooperation among universities. 

You can watch the full interview with Prof. Laswar Al‐Khadher, President of the University of Aden:

For more information about the UNIMED General Assembly 2023 and its outcomes, please visit  https://www.uni-med.net/events/unimed-general-assembly/