April 13, 2017

BLUEMED – A basin of research and innovation for sustainable growth. Malta, April 18-19, 2017


The BLUEMED research and innovation initiative for blue jobs and growth in the Mediterranean Area is firmly on the Agendas of the European countries bordering the Mediterranean Sea. It offers a shared strategic framework for working towards a healthy, productive and resilient Mediterranean Sea that is better known and valued. It is designed to tap the full potential of the marine and maritime sectors, structuring transnational cooperation to boost the Blue Economy, and promote and improve social well-being, sustainable prosperity and the environmental status of the region and its surroundings.

Organized under the auspices of the Maltese Presidency of the Council of the European Union, the event ‘BLUEMED – A basin of research and innovation for sustainable growth’ aims to open up this initiative, for the first time, to non-EU Mediterranean Partner Countries.
The goal is to initiate regional cooperation within the Mediterranean by pooling all efforts together to unlock the potential for Blue Growth and job creation at local, regional and international level.

Research and Innovation is a key driver of this process.

Dr. Marcello Scalisi, UNIMED Director, participated in the initiative as speaker in the framework of the Showcase of Projects which implement the BLUEMED initiative.

Download the Agenda of the event for further information.