July 3, 2024

Call for applications for Refugee Advisors to the Consultations on Resettlement & Complementary Pathways (CRCP)


The Refugee Advisory Group to the Consultations on Resettlement & Complementary Pathways (CRCP) is an important formal mechanism consisting of 15 refugee representatives. A call for applications is open for new refugee advisors to join the Refugee Advisory Group to the CRCP, which advises on the planning of the CRCP, the CRCP objectives and Resettlement & Complementary Pathways programs more broadly.

The main purpose of the Refugee Advisory Group is to:

(a) act as a liaison between the CRCP community and refugee communities at large;

(b) coordinate refugee participation and statements at the working group consultations and the CRCP itself;

(c) create spaces for refugees to engage in discussions on matters of their own concern related to third country solutions, resettlement, and complementary pathways; and

(d) actively support the meaningful inclusion of refugees in a representative and non-discriminatory manner.

To be a member one should:

  • have lived experience of either Resettlement or Complementary pathways;  or
  • have (professional) knowledge of, or experience in Resettlement or Complementary Pathways, in addition to their lived experience of forced displacement;   

Applications can be submitted by 19 July 2024 at midnight CET through this nomination form. After the closure of the applications, a selection committee comprising this year’s CRCP Co-Chairs, the government of Spain and ACCEM; UNHCR DIP/RCPS; and former members of the RAG will select new members to serve on the Refugee Advisory Group.

Refugee participation contributes to solutions that are more sustainable and impactful, including in Resettlement & Complementary Pathways. Refugee engagement results in innovative forms of advocacy and the development of policies that are more closely aligned to the realities faced by refugees. In addition, it empowers (former) refugees and refugee communities to become active agents in solutions available to them and their communities.

Any questions or requests for additional information can be addressed to CRCPS@unhcr.org.