May 2, 2022

Civic Education Training For The Digital Age, Ljubljana, 25-29 April 2022



In the framework of the NEXUS Project, UNIMED gathered with the partners in Ljubljana to attend the partners’ meeting and animate the Civic education for the digital age Training, hosted by the Zavod APIS / APIS Institute and organised by the Knowledge Innovation Centre (KIC) from 25 to 28 April 2022 in Ljubljana, Slovenia.

The civic education for the digital age Training was a follow-up activity of the Online Course “Civics 4.0: active citizenship and participation in the digital age” and it was designed with the idea to enable students to use and understand digital democracy tools.

18 participants took part in the training from Croatia, Italy, Slovenia, Sweden, and Spain. 

During the training, participants were equipped with the knowledge and resources needed to influence decision-making and inform policymakers, through campaigns, advocacy, petitioning, and monitoring public policy.

They also had the opportunity to test and reflect on numerous tools that were provided through the “Inventory of Digital tools for Open Democracy and digital citizenship education” and a platform for exchanging resources on active citizenship and participation in the digital age. On the last day, they developed project initiatives after gaining insights from experts, gathering field data, and participating in various activities that helped them understand how to create campaigns, increase citizen participation and empower their peers within and beyond their universities and local communities.

The training concluded with the participants’ presenting their projects initiatives, and being all entitled as NEXUS Ambassadors.


About the project:

“Promoting The Nexus Of Migrants Through Active Citizenship” is an Erasmus+ project running from 2019 to 2022, that builds upon the literature to focus on empowering students (especially migrants) to exercise their rights, uphold human values, and contribute constructively to the society around them and the global community in general. The project explores the relationship between digitally enabled participatory tools and democracy. NEXUS aims at innovating the civic educational process resulting in increased participation of students in their communities.

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