December 12, 2023

Critical Visual Media Literacy and Empowerment. Year in Review of the CLIP project


The main aim of the CLIP project is to strengthening digital capabilities of the Higher Education sector, and increase resilience to manipulation and polarisation working on the important issue of critical visual literacy, that is a fundamental component of the way European students and citizens are getting informed in the digital era.

In 2023 the partners of the CLIP project have worked on a series of tasks to achieve its goals. In particular they have:

  • analysed good practices in the field of teaching visual media literacy in Higher Education, as well as tools to support the tracking of misleading visual representations, and interviewed a variety of experts and practitioners to gather suggestions and recommendations for the identification of specific competences related to visual media literacy;
  • published a Report on Visual Media Literacy in European Higher Education, which is available at:;
  • designed the micro-learning course on Critical Visual Media Literacy and Fluency; produced digital contents and activities for the course, and run the internal test; 
  • launched a call for expressions of interest to participate in the pilot delivery of the online micro-learning course, which resulted in +300 expressions of interest from learners from 27 countries;
  • delivered the pilot edition of the online course from 23 October 2023 until 24 November 2023 with IULM and HOU students and external participants;
  • awarded so far +100 certificates of completion to participants who successfully completed the online course.

Furthermore, they have raised awareness on critical visual literacy through a number of dissemination activities and events, and had insightful discussions with CLIP colleagues during monthly online meetings and continuous exchanges as well as during in-person meeting in Athens in April 2023.

What’s next?

At the beginning of 2024, the CLIP project will launch a consultation to develop sustainable strategies for the integration of visual media literacy in the learning offering of Higher Education Institutions across Europe.

Lastly, on 21 March 2024 it will be held the CLIP closing workshop in Brussels organised by ALL DIGITAL: SAVE THE DATE then.

Search through the CLIP website and join the conversation on TwitterLinkedin or get in touch with the CLIP team directly.