February 13, 2023

DCBox Project Releases Inaugural Newsletter Highlighting Advancements in Digital Curatorship


The DCBox project, funded by the Erasmus+ programme, has released its First Newsletter. The objective of the project is to provide university students with exposure to the growing field of digital curatorship, which is increasingly sought after by museums and cultural heritage organizations.

The first year of the project has been dedicated to the development of high-level training modules, which will be accessible to students through four academic partners: the University of Marche, The Cyprus Institute, University of Cordoba, and University Lusofona. Upon completion of the training, students will participate in various activities, such as 3D reconstructions, augmented reality, and digitization of archives, in partnership with cultural institutions across all project countries.

For further information about the DCBox project and access to the training modules, please visit the official website at https://www.dcbox.eu/. The “Learn with Us” section provides a detailed overview of the program.

The First Newsletter covers updates on the following topics:

The DCBox project offers a unique opportunity for those interested in digital curatorship to stay informed on the latest developments. The project will be sending three newsletters to keep stakeholders informed of its progress and results. To sign-up for the newsletter, please visit the project website at https://www.dcbox.eu/.