July 27, 2017

Digital Portfolios: the benefits for companies and jobseekers


In the framework of EDIPUS EU-funded Project, in which UNIMED is Partner, a platform for University students and graduates to prepare and upload their Digital Portfolio has been created.  A Digital Portfolio is a tool that allows users to include information on their skills, studies and experience, going beyond the simple CV format, and in a dynamic and lively way.

If you are a student or a young jobseeker, create your own portfolio! Here you will find guidelines and further information about this tool’s benefits.

The EDIPUS Digital Portfolio Platform is currently public with around 300 portfolios from students and graduates from more 30 countries. It is therefore a useful platform for employers to find the right candidates, with the following benefits:

–  Time saving and cost-effective tool

– Quick and direct access to special skills (a feature not usually available during initial steps of recruitment process)

–  Effective way to assess and validate candidates’ skills

–  Early selection of qualified candidates with option to save in a basket (short list)

–  A semi-structured design allowing easy comparison between Portfolios

–  24/7 access (before, during and after interview)

For further benefits on the digital portfolio for employers, we invite you to watch this 2 minutes video.

If you are a company here you will find guidelines!

Register now at http://portfolio.edipus.me/business/ and start making the most of the EDIPUS Digital Portfolio Platform.

Companies meet jobseekers:

On October 17th, (10.00 to 13.00) a meeting gathering students/jobseekers and companies is scheduled in Rome, write to e.stoduto@uni-med.net for further information and to participate in the meeting register here. Registration open until October 11, 2017


About the EDIPUS project

EDIPUS – European Digital Portfolio for University Students – is a project funded in the framework of ERASMUS+ Programme KA2 Strategic Partnership and coordinated by the European Association of Erasmus Coordinators (EAEC) of Cyprus. Additional information on the project and its partners can be found on the website:  http://edipus.me  or  by email at: info@edipus.me