February 15, 2024

Enabling Gaza Students to continue University education: UNIMED participates in the initiative launched by the An-Najah National University


In collaboration with UNIMED and the Palestinian Student Scholarship Fund (PSSF), the An-Najah National University has launched a pioneering initiative to facilitate Gaza students in completing their university education remotely.

This initiative aims to provide support to students in the Gaza Strip, allowing them to continue their studies without incurring financial costs.

The devastating impact of recent events has taken an unprecedented toll on the education sector in Gaza, with nearly 70% of educational institutions facing demolition or damage. Recognizing the urgency of completing education under these challenging circumstances, An-Najah National University is taking proactive steps in partnership with UNIMED and PSSF.

The initiative will establish an innovative e-learning system dedicated to university students in the Gaza Strip. This e-learning platform will be implemented as soon as conditions permit students to enroll in their university courses remotely. Importantly, the initiative assures Gaza students that there will be no financial costs associated with this opportunity.

This humanitarian response acknowledges the hardships faced by students in Gaza and aims to alleviate the educational burdens caused by the recent war. The initiative underscores the commitment to finding paths and solutions that adhere to international conventions, recognizing education as a sacred message and a vital element towards establishing a Palestinian state.

Utilizing digitization, virtual learning platforms, open/shared resources, and technical and educational support, the initiative has formed a committee of experts in distance education. This committee will develop plans to directly support students when suitable conditions are met, ensuring that educational progress is not hampered by the impact of war.

An-Najah University, UNIMED and PSSF invite local, regional, and international universities to join this initiative and provide essential educational support to Gaza students.

The recent conflict in Gaza has severely affected all aspects of life, particularly in the education sector. Approximately 608,000 students were deprived of their right to school education, with over 90,000 university students facing significant disruptions. Tragically, the loss of professors, colleagues, and teachers, including 17 university teachers holding the title of professor and 59 teachers with doctorate degrees, further undermined the academic backbone of Gaza’s universities. The estimated losses in the education sector in Gaza exceed 720 million dollars, according to the International Monetary Fund.

UNIMED underscores that this initiative is a manifestation of solidarity and humanitarian concern, recognizing education as an indispensable right even in the most challenging circumstances.

By collaborating in this initiative, UNIMED expresses its commitment to its values of:

  • academic freedom, institutional autonomy and social responsibility of universities on a local and global scales, 
  • international cooperation and solidarity based on mutual interests and shared benefits,
  • right and equity in access to higher education and open access to science and research-based knowledge.