May 18, 2020

ESAGOV: 1st webinar on the dissemination of initiatives



In the framework of the ESAGOV project, on May 6, 2020 UNIMED has organised its 1st webinar on the dissemination of the project initiatives.

All the partners attended this virtual meeting where two Algerian universities, University of Bejaia and the EPAU – Polytechnic School of Architecture and Urbanism – shared their experience in the organisation of study days dedicated to Quality Assurance and University Strategic Plan.

The purpose of these study days was to raise awareness in the academic community (academic, administrative staff and students) of the quality approach and project challenges’ set up, key issues of the reform of both the Algerian Ministry of Higher Education and Scientific Research and of the ESAGOV project.

The University of Bejaia and EPAU presented the methodology chosen, the information tools to ensure good involvement in these meetings, the development of these days, between round tables and participatory activities, and their evaluation. The two partners have confirmed the importance of creating such spaces for training and discussion and plan to organize new meetings to continue to inform, raise awareness and involve the entire academic community.

All the documents are available at the following links:


University Strategic Plan – University of Bejaia


Generalities and tools of Quality Assurance” – University of Bejaia


Presentation of “open days” of the University Strategic Plan – EPAU

Journées portes ouvertes sur le Projet d’établissement