April 27, 2020

ESAGOV project: state of the art and current activities


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The ESAGOV project aims to improve and strengthen quality assurance at Algerian universities by supporting them in defining their institution and strategic plan. The project intends to act at these different levels, while building on the achievements and experiences of Algerian universities.

As part of the project activities, a report on the state of the art of Algerian universities in terms of quality assurance approach, self-assessment and definition of their institutional plan, has been produced through a comparative survey, the analysis of literature and existing regulatory provisions, through the organization of focus groups and qualitative interviews. This report thus presents the governance frameworks and practices existing within Algerian universities.

Thanks to this survey, the partnership was able to identify some elements requiring more clarification, for example how to understand the role, composition and methodologies of the work arrangements established at the level of each partner institution. It was also possible to highlight the difficulties encountered so far in carrying out action plans and institutional plans.

This is why the ESAGOV project is currently working to support Algerian universities to establish their institutional plan, through the production of action plans, through consultative work with the relevant actors. This consultation was carried out through a questionnaire and the organization of discussion groups to define a common framework for all the Algerian universities, together with the Higher Education Ministry of Algeria, while taking into account the specific framework for each institution and the particularities of its environment.

A workshop on the production of the action plan will be organized with the partners in June.

You can download here the report on the state of the art on the quality assurance approach and the institutional plan at Algerian universities.

For more information, visit the project website here.