October 23, 2017

European Digital Portfolio for University Students: it is ready, it is available and it is free!


The European Association of ERASMUS Coordinators (EAEC) and its partners are presenting a new educational tool for HE

European Digital Portfolio for University Students (EDIPUS)

It is ready, it is available, and it is free!


All Universities and their Academic Programmes could now turn a paper page and open a digital page!

 A tool that serves four main purposes:

  1. An academic tool that all students could develop as part of their programme of study requirements.
  2. Students can use it for reporting and presenting their academic, experiential and creative work.
  3. Students can use it to present themselves to potential employers, through the EDIPUS Data Base, by simply providing a link to their portfolio or inviting companies to visit the data base.
  4. You can now add your Europass CV to your portfolio.

Try the tool with at least one programme of study and promote the use of it by the students as part of their programme of study.

The tool is available for free until 2020. New updates may require a small annual access fee.

  • Read the EDIPUS User Guidebook in seven European languages in edipus.me
  • Participate to the ERASMUS Congress and Exhibition – ERACON 2018 and attend a training module for EDIPUS, eracon.info

Contact us for more information info@edipus.me


 EDIPUS_User Guide Book Final_1pag