February 13, 2017

FoP Project – Euro-Mediterranean Collaborative Network


Within the final meeting of the ENPI CBCMED Programme – Future of Our Past (FoP) Project, held in Mahdia on December 12-13, 2016 it has officially been inaugurated the Euro-Mediterranean Collaborative Network,  whose Scientific Committee is composed of one representative of each organisation partner in the FoP project.

The creation of a Collaborative Network aims to put in touch policy makers and stakeholders involved in the touristic and cultural management, in order to create a more effective cooperation in the Mediterranean Basin to reach the objectives of FOP project.
The underlying idea is to allow participants – through a smart multimedia tool – to share their own experiences on similar projects; to search best practices and other tools to stimulate a sustainable tourism; to spread information on managing similar projects or events for the promotion of cultural heritage in the Mediterranean area.
For this purpose, we invite you to visit FoP website and to discover more about the Euro-Mediterranean Network and the possibility to joining it.
Furthermore and in order to share your experiences you could visit FoP portal and also consult the Guide of portal and app to create your own experience.
About FoP Project
FoP Project, ended last December 31, 2016 was a project co-funded in the framework of CBCMED ENPI Programme and coordinated by Società Geografica Italiana. The partners of the project were UNIMED, Mediterranean Universities Union (Italy), IEREK – International Experts for Research Enrichment and Knowledge Exchange (Egypt), European University Centre for Cultural Heritage (Italy), Temi Zammit Foundation (Malta), Quality Program (Italy), Dar Al-Kalima College (Palestine), Consorcio provincial de desarrollo economico (Spain), City of Mahdia (Tunisia), Lebanese University (Lebanon).
For further information are available here.