July 24, 2023

From theory to practice: some talented students presented their virtual prototypes on the Digital Heritage field during the DCBox Open Hackathon in Ancona, Italy!


New technologies and digital communication are transforming societies, changing lifestyles, consumption patterns and power relationships in economic value chains. In this changing landscape, the role of culture is more important than ever.

Over the last decades, the application of digital technologies to the production and management of Cultural Heritage-related data has progressively been replacing traditional methods of data gathering, organization and management.

The main goal of the DCBox project is to create a new generation of European professionals working in the Cultural Heritage sector, equipped with a recognised, cross-cutting and high-level digital skillset. More specifically, it aims at better defining and encourage the emerging professional profile of the Digital Curator, who represents the turnkey toward a real digital transformation of cultural experiences, as up to date there’s no single, unanimously agreed reference framework to empower learners with skills, competences and expertise a DC should provide, that is a synthesis of technical knowhow and humanistic background.

As a first step, the DCBox consortium worked on the development of a free and open online course, named “Supporting the Digital Transformation of Museums. The DCBox approach”, containing innovative educational material regarding the knowledge/skills/competencies a Digital Curator should have, with particular focus on sustainable digitization for Cultural Heritage.

After the completion of the online course, some students have been selected and involved by their universities in the creation of virtual prototypes, co-designed and co-created with the teachers, in one of the following domains: Digital Library, Gaming, Immersive Experience, Mobile geolocated app and Digital Storytelling.

As the last step, these students will do a one-month internship in a museum to put into practice what they have learnt. Thanks to this three-phase learning experience, they will be just one step away from being a Digital Curator!

To take stock of the results achieved so far and discuss the next steps, representatives from Marche Polytechnic University, Sinergia Consulenze, University of Cordoba, the Cyprus Institute, Lusófona University, University of Niš and UNIMED gathered both online and in Ancona, Italy, on 19th and 20th July 2023.

In particular, on 20th July the Open Hackathon allowed talented students to showcase their innovative prototypes for museums. From smart devices to gaming solutions, the prototypes on display covered a wide range of ideas that have the potential to make a positive impact on the Digital Heritage field.

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