September 22, 2016

INFOBC Project presented to EU-Tunisia Joint Parliamentary Committee


During the First Meeting of the EU-Tunisia Joint Parliamentary Committee which took place in Tunis from 19 to 23 September, the President of the Culture and Education Committee of the European Parliament – Mrs. Silvia Costa met a delegation of TEMPUS project «INFOBC L’INNOVATION DANS LA FORMATION POUR LES BIENS CULTURELS: un nouveau curriculum euro-méditerranéen pour la préservation des biens culturels» which is in its second year of process.

The meeting took place at the University La Manouba – partner in the project – on September 22, 2016 and represented an opportunity to present the project, its criticality and prospects, and the importance it could have in the framework of Tunisian national artistic and cultural heritage.

Here is possible to download the Agenda of the event.
More information about the project are available on the project official website.