October 12, 2017

Innovation, entrepreneurship and technological transfer: the core of the training at Messina University, 26-28 September 2017


The University of Messina hosted a Training session from 25 to 28 September as part of the Pilot Project 3: “Dynamization of incubators: sub-network of Mediterranean Incubators and Competition Model”, within the framework of RESUME project.
The field visit to Messina provided an in-depth and direct experience with a training and capacity-building aim for the participants in the functioning of the incubators, their services, the experiences of local and national competition to encourage the creation of enterprises and start-ups.
One of the objectives of the training was to train the teaching staff of the partner universities of Morocco, Tunisia and Lebanon on the concept of technology transfer and to make them able to give a course on this subject to the students of the second year of Master who will then have to participate in the competitions which will be organized in the three countries. Students winning local competitions will be able to participate in the final international competition to be held in Messina in September 2018.

The training modules focused on three main aspects:

1. Models of Technology Transfer of Universities, Study Areas and Lessons Learned
2. Skills and entrepreneurship, focus on business game
3. University Techniques and Experiences for Entrepreneurship: A Focus on AlumniMe and Global Management Experience

During the third day of the training, participants had the opportunity to participate directly in the UNIME-Pitch Start and Evaluation Cup and observe how a jury selects entrepreneurial and start-up ideas from young entrepreneurs.

A seminar open to the public and students of the University of Messina was also organized and delivered by the external expert Paola Di Rosa of @Factory
on Evaluation Elements on the start up by investors.
Throughout the course of the training course, the University of Messina also organized on-site visits to the University’s research laboratories such as the PAN-LAB – Technology Platform for Food Analysis, study of their impact on human health and technological, legal and economic advice for agri-food companies or the CERISI Center – Center of excellence, Research, Innovation, Major structures and infrastructures.
For more information, please download the training program here.