July 6, 2023

“Insights into the international dimension of HEIs”: the COMMO project at the International Staff Week organised by the University of Pavia


Nowadays, the benefits of mobility are widely recognised. Going abroad to study or to train helps people to develop their professional, social and intercultural skills, as well as enhancing their employability. 

According to Erasmus+ impacts studies, the benefits of mobility and cooperation in Higher Education within the EU and beyond are manifold. 

Most higher education students who undertake a mobility period abroad are more likely to find employment one year after graduation, have a greater appreciation for the value of other cultures and feel that their problem-solving skills improved after their mobility period. Mobility and cross-border cooperation can also help bridge skills gaps by boosting specific skills needed in the modern labour market. 

At the same time, mobility is not exempt from some challenges such as studies recognition, barriers related to higher education system comparability but also social barriers and inclusiveness issues.

Benefits and challenges of mobility exchanges have been the main topics the International Staff Week “Insights into the international dimension of HEIs”, organised by the University of Pavia from 19th to 23rd June, revolved around. 

On this occasion, around 40 university staff members from 20 countries had the opportunity to reflect on and share possible solutions to strengthen the international dimension of their universities as well as exchanging best practices related to the management of students and staff mobility. 

UNIMED participated in the event by presenting the COMMO project, under the Erasmus+ ICM programme, aimed at strengthening Euro-Mediterranean relations to create and support a Mediterranean Generation by promoting cross-border, transnational and inter-regional mobility in favour of a sustainable local and regional development.

Currently at its seventh edition, the COMMO project foresees the implementation of 225 mobility exchanges between Italy and Albania, Kosovo, Egypt, Jordan, Lebanon, Libya, Syria and vice versa during the academic years 2023-2024 and 2024-2025.