November 20, 2017

“Integrating Data for Biodiversity Protection in the Mediterranean”, a PANACeA Webinar #2, 20th November 2017, @ 3.00 pm.


An interactive platform offered by the Interreg Med co-funded PANACeA project is meant to set the foundations for coordinating better harmonized data production and access among projects dealing with biodiversity protection in the Mediterranean and other transversal related issues such as maritime spatial planning, coastal & maritime tourism etc. The aim is to foster partnerships, knowledge and data exchanges.

Several EU co-funded projects and external organizations actively involved in data gathering, geoportals and how to structure useful information will discuss how a common approach to data collection and coding can provide a better informed picture and fill the gaps needed to address biodiversity and its threats in the Mediterranean.

UNIMED is involved in the Biodiversity Protection Community featured by the PANACeA project which offers the opportunity to various stakeholders ( researchers, policy-makers, academics, scientists, technicians , MPAs managers etc.) to connect and exchange best practices and knowledge.  Among the Biodiversity protection community’s recent activities, a 1st webinar  was conducted in July 2017 to target the Marine Litter issue. More recently, in October 2017, more than 100 representatives from national, European and Mediterranean institutions gathered in Barcelona for an open debate, to help bridge the gaps between science, management practices and policies where small fisheries co-management models, scientific data sources and new methodologies for monitoring climate change and marine litter were addressed.

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