November 25, 2019

InterregMed Programme, Urban Transports Community: Renewal of the Project until 2022!


The Urban Transports Community’s horizontal project, in which UNIMED is partner, has been renewed until 2022.

After three years of project, renewed until 2022 as a second generation of the capitalization strategy of the Interreg Med, the Urban Transports Community will dedicate this new mandate to promote the transferring of results and policies developed by its modular projects through mainstreaming and strategic liaising series of activities at transnational level.

Mobility is an issue that transcends formal city boundaries, and as such, an efficient and sustainable transport demands cooperation across municipal authorities and with other levels of government. With its new partnership composed of MEDCITIES (Spain) as lead partner, AREA Science Park (Italy), CODATU (France), CIVINET CY-EL (Cyprus-Greece), UNIMED Mediterranean Universities Union (Italy), POLIS, Cities and Regions for transport innovation (Belgium), and Durres Municipality (Albania), the Urban Transports Community will further develop its specialization on Urban Transports and networking in the Mediterranean.

The interest of UNIMED in this topic dates back at 2007, when it was first launched the SubNetwork on Transports and Logistics. The SubNetwork, relaunched in the 2018,  gathers researchers and experts of UNIMED members, from both shores of the Mediterranean and serves as an international platform for these actors to share and exchange information and knowledge and to reply to the continuously evolving challenges and needs of the sector.

Here you will find more information about the SubNetwork on Transports and Logistics, its members and who and how can be a member.