February 8, 2021

Kick-off of a cooperation initiative on the modernization of the health sector in Libya


In January 2021, a consortium composed by 4 European universities and 6 Libyan universities kicked off the SAHA project.

SAHA,  raiSe libyAn Higher education heAlth sector for the benefit of local society, is a project coordinated by the University of Pavia, started officially in November 2020 and co-financed by the programme Erasmus+ of the European Commission.

SAHA aims at contributing to the modernization of the Health and healthcare systems in Libya, by addressing both these major areas of concern that draw intense citizen and government attention throughout Libya. The ongoing conflict is causing an increase in health needs for ordinary Libyans and military personnel. To address rising healthcare problems such as the increasing pressures on the sustainability of health systems, new and more effective health policies are needed. These have to be guided by the best available data, research, and evidence on good practices, effectiveness, and efficiency of systems of healthcare and prevention.

Therefore, the SAHA project intends to upgrade the quality of existing courses and enhance its relevance for the labour market and society by (1) introducing new courses on Health Economics and Healthcare management and creating centers for health data management in the Libyan HEIs; (2) setting up and managing academic centres for collecting medical data; and (3) by creating an advisory multi stakeholder committee for defining policy recommendations at for local, regional, national and international stakeholders and decision-makers.

According these objectives the wider aims of the project is to reinforce education in response to today’s main challenges of Libya (peace enforcing, healthcare access for Libyan civilian and military population; public health, employment and economic growth), especially within the field of healthcare services, which are the ones that employ the highest number of people and are able to produce, faster than by any other means, social equity, wealth redistribution and the full exercise of a social right (the Health).