May 9, 2023

Know more about the role of the Digital Curator: find out the online course “Supporting the Digital Transformation of Museums. The DCBox approach”!


Have you ever wondered what it takes to curate a museum in the digital age? As the world becomes more reliant on digital and connected museums, the need for new professional profiles is increasingly important.

However, a reference framework for the skills, competencies and expertise of a “Digital Curator” has yet to be established. That’s why 6 partners from 5 different EU countries have joined forces to create a new online learning path, named “Supporting the Digital Transformation of Museums. The DCBox approach”.

The course is divided into four areas and eight modules structured to give you an overview of this interdisciplinary field and it is open to everyone.

The four areas will tackle the following topics:

  1. “Digital Transformation of Cultural Heritage” focuses on what Digital Heritage is and the role of the Digital Curator.
  2. “Advanced 3D Digitization” explores the process of creating digital twins and 3D reconstructions of heritage.
  3. “Policy and Digital Data Preservation” focuses on the legal and policy frameworks that exist to protect digital heritage.
  4. “Digital access: Universal Design and Virtual Experiences” explores communication skills and strategies for disseminating cultural heritage to a broad and diverse audience.

Enrol to the online course here, and take the first step towards becoming a Digital Heritage Curator!

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