June 15, 2020

Libya Restart: a journey analysis. The final report is available!


Universities are an essential element for a country’s reconstruction, for its future, the starting point for civil society, a place for discussing and proposing solutions. This consideration has been the base for the initiative Libya Restart.

This is the reason why, UNIMED has started the collaboration with Libyan HEIs since 2015 for common participation in projects co-funded in the framework of the Erasmus+ programme. As natural consequence, in 2018 UNIMED decided to launch Libya Restart, an institutional initiative aimed at gaining a deeper understanding of the Libyan Higher Education System, through a research activity performed jointly by UNIMED staff and Libyan University academic and technical staff. Together, we spent more than one year collecting and analyzing data and documentation, discussing results, sharing ideas, making mistakes, finding alternative primary sources. Between 2018 and 2019 we have conducted an assessment work on the Higher Education system in Libya, its main priorities, needs and challenges, through the submission of a quantitative survey and a series of qualitative interviews. In this process, UNIMED has cooperated with the Presidencies and International Relations Offices of 16 Libyan universities.

Libya Restart report is the final result of almost two years of work and we are glad to share it with you. At this link, you can have access to some resources and find the Libya Restart executive summary – presented during the UNIMED General Assembly in 2019 -, the Universities infographics reporting the data collected during the analysis and the full report in English for download.

This study and its recommendations will be the topic of the validation meeting to be held on June 15, 2020 together with the Libyan Partners, Universities and Institutions. The main purpose of the online event is indeed to validate the Libya Restart recommendations, in view of a wider online conference scheduled in the framework of  UNIMED WEEK IN BRUSSELS 2020 on June 24th, with Libyan Universities and international stakeholders, organized in collaboration with the EU Delegation in Libya, aiming at promoting concrete partnerships and actions, based on both the needs set out in the Libya Restart report and the results of our online discussion.

More information and the agenda of the open meeting of the 24 June will be provided soon. The contribution of all of you would be very important and beneficial for the following steps of our joint initiative Libya Restart and paving the way for future cooperation between Libyan and European Institutions.