June 20, 2017

MED Biodiversity Protection Community: UNIMED is giving its support to the communication and advocacy efforts


Nine Interreg MED-funded projects are joining forces to protect the biodiversity in the Mediterranean area. Since November 2016 UNIMED has joined the PANACeA project that is animating the MED Biodiversity Protection Community, and most notably supporting its communication and advocacy actions.

This Community can count on a wider network of partners and associated partners, well anchored in 13 Euro-Mediterranean countries and even in the south shore of the Mediterranean, who share the same values and have a common goal.
All the projects and partners involved in the Community will work together at least till 2019 with the aim of creating ties that will last beyond the project’s end. Together with all the parties involved we want to achieve ambitious but still feasible objectives such as: promoting best practices and strategies to improve the management of protected areas; developing and testing a common integrated ecosystem monitoring system, and advocating for a more sustainable use of our natural resources.

Have a look at the following video and you will know more three of the nine projects of the Community.

The Community has just started working together, but stay tuned as more news will follow soon!

Further information about MED Biodiversity Protection Community are available here