April 20, 2016

Med-Mobil Conference: Mobility in the Mediterranean: Results, Recommendations and the way forward, 16-17 May 2016 – Rome


UNIMED is glad to announce the ENPI CBCMED Med-Mobil final Conference “Mobility in the Mediterranean: Results, Recommendations and the way forward”, that will take place in Rome, hosted by Università degli Studi Internazionali di Roma (UNINT), on 16-17 May 2016.

This Conference on Mobility will be organised in the framework of the ENPI CBCMED Med-Mobil project, as the final conference of the project, and it will be a good opportunity to build on the project results, present further initiatives and relaunch the debate on the mobility in the Mediterranean and the Euro-Mediterranean cooperation.

Please find here the Programme of the event for further information.

In order to register, participants are kindly requested to fill out the Registration form.

The Med-Mobil project

The ENPI CBCMED-funded Med-Mobil project intends to create a framework of cooperation aiming at facilitating the exchange of students, professionals and young entrepreneurs in the Mediterranean area by supporting future regulations and improving and consolidating existing programmes and initiatives. The project will also serve to tests 192 short mobilities in the Mediterranean region. For further information, please find here the leaflet of the project and visit the website: www.medmobil.eu


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