October 19, 2022

Media and Information Literacy: The Role of Academia and Media Experts // October 27th, 2022


On October 27th, 2022 // 11h am – 12h pm CEST,  it will be held the online workshop Media and Information Literacy: The Role of Academia and Media Experts.


Organised by the EUMEPLAT project in the framework of the UNESCO Global Media and Information Literacy Week, the event brings together academia and media representatives to open a discussion about the Media and Information Literacy from different perspectives.

As per UNESCO “Media and information literacy is an interrelated set of competencies that help people to maximize advantages and minimize harm in the new information, digital and communication landscapes. Media and information literacy covers competencies that enable people to critically and effectively engage with information, other forms of content, the institutions that facilitate information and diverse types of content, and the discerning use of digital technologies. Capacities in these areas are indispensable for all citizens regardless of their ages or backgrounds.”

Media is a powerful instrument to inform, share news and knowledge, entertain. It also shapes opinions and perceptions, so reality and truth can be distorted. The fight against disinformation is not always successful, as the skills required are much larger than the media literacy and include the capacity to evaluate, understand and analyse the information and the context. For these reasons, fact-checking must be taught as a method and needs to be transparent and build credibility.
Thus, academics, researchers and media professionals have to join forces in providing citizens, and notably students, with the appropriate skills to understand the evolving media sector, its opportunities and its threats.




11h  Welcome and greetings, Marcello Scalisi, UNIMED – Mediterranean Universities Union

11h05 Introduction and overview of the webinar, Andrea Miconi, IULM University and member of the UNIMED SubNetwork on Journalism

11h20 From Citizen Journalism to platformization of news, Miguel Crespo, ISCTE-IUL and EUMEPLAT Project partner

11h35 How to train students to recognize fake news, Mohammad El Hawary, Al Fanar Media

11h50 Q&A session

12h End of the workshop

Moderator Nathalie Clauter, UNIMED – Mediterranean Universities Union

The event will be held in English on the Zoom platform and it will be recorded.



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