September 19, 2022

Media and Europe: EUMEPLAT to host its first policy roundtable in Brussels


On September 26th, UNIMED will organise in Brussels the first policy roundtable of the H2020 project EUMEPLAT, European Media Platforms: assessing positive and negative externalities for European culture.

The aim of the encounter is to present the objectives and first research findings of the project after one year and a half to relevant stakeholders in the media and culture field, so as to discuss and exchange on the results achieved and pave the way for the upcoming months. The roundtable is also the occasion to reflect on the current European media policies and provide stakeholders and policy makers with inputs and recommendations on policy issues to contribute to the current debate around media.

In the morning, a joint roundtable on “Evolving European media landscapes and Europeanisation: Emerging trends and key policy challenges” will be organised with three other H2020 projects, MEDIATIZED_EU, MEDIADELCOM and MediaFutures.

The afternoon session, entitled “State of health of European media, and what to do”, will be devoted to the research outcomes of EUMEPLAT Work Package 1, notably with regard to:

  • Best practices from media regulation and policy in audiovisual media and in media platforms and further requirements
  • Cultural Europeanization and promotion of European works


The draft agenda is available here.

To follow the roundtable online, please register here.