February 19, 2016

MedSpring: Third Annual Meeting of the General Assembly in Tunis 17-19 February 2016


In the framework of the MedSpring project, the third Annual Meeting of the General Assembly and Project Advisory Board Meeting (WP Leaders) is held in Tunis on 18-19 February 2016.

The Annual Meeting is the occasion to take stock of activities and results, plan the 4th year activities and have a constructive exchange with the External Advisory Board.

The meeting is hosted by TESR and organised in cooperation with CIHEAM. The meeting of the External Advisory Board and WP Leaders is also foreseen at the margin of the Annual Meeting, on 19 February. Dr. Raniero Chelli, UNIMED EU Project Manager is attending the event to represent UNIMED.

Please find attached here the agenda for further information.

About the project

MEDSPRING is a coordination and support action. The project, built on the previous experience of the INCO.NET MIRA, but adapted to the new reality of the Euro-Mediterranean policy and the general orientations defined in the Euro-Mediterranean Conference of Barcelona (2-3 April 2012), is focused on three societal challenges (Energy, High Quality Affordable Food, and Scarcity of resources) and aims at tackling policy objectives by creating a dialogue and coordination platform of governmental institutions, research organisations, associations and civil society (www.medspring.eu).