March 11, 2016

MedSpring Open Consultation: Have your Say!


In the framework of “MEDSPRING” project (Mediterranean Science, Policy, Research and Innovation Gateway) where UNIMED is partner, an EU funded project aiming at strengthening the Euro-Mediterranean Cooperation on Research and Innovation in key societal challenges: Resource Efficiency (particularly Water), High Quality Affordable Food and Energy, an important component is EMEG (Euro-Mediterranean Expert Group), a “think tank” of experts.

This year, EMEG worked on the Water-Energy-Food (W-E-F) Nexus, developing a logical frame to achieve a comprehensive understanding of the complex interactions and trade-offs among water, energy and food as well as identifying a set of recommendations – both technical and political – for the Euro-Mediterranean research agenda.

The outcomes of this work were drafted in a Nexus Position Paper: “A frame for a comprehensive understanding of Water-Energy-Food Nexus” (the synthesis is available here).

Within this activity, we would like to know your opinion and views on the W-E-F Nexus in the Mediterranean Region and on the statements reported in the Paper.

This open consultation will last until 2nd April 2016. It will take just 10/15 minutes and to know how to participate please go here.

Have your say and take part in this on-line consultation!