July 5, 2021

Mobility Management at MED Universities. The first thematic workshop of the UNIMED SubNetwork on Transports&Logistics. Recording available



Climate change and sustainability is not only a matter of big organisations, of agreements among Governments, but everything starts with awareness and education at the universities.

Prof. Giuseppe Inturri

On June 24th, 2021 the first Thematic Webinar of the UNIMED SubNetwork on Transports&Logistics took place.

After an introduction of UNIMED Director, Dr. Marcello Scalisi about UNIMED and its SubNetworks and the importance of the Universities in dealing and collaborating towards the Sustainability matters, Prof. Giuseppe Inturri, from the University of Catania – coordinator of the SubNetwork, introduced the topic of the webinar and the speakers.

Prof. Matteo Colleoni, Prof. Maria Attard and Prof. Khaled Al Sahili contributed to the discussion about the Mobility Management at MED Universities also touching the perspective of the integration of SDGs in the education plans and in the University management measures.

The very peculiar thematic concerning the Mobility Management at MED Universities has been discussed by the speakers Prof. Matteo Colleoni and Prof. Maria Attard, who also provided data and information about the measures taken within the Universities – some results at the Italian level and from the Univerisity of Malta – to be in line with a more sustainable mobility at Universities and campuses level.

The intervention of Prof. Khaled Al Sahili was more focused, instead, on the students awareness of the Sustainable Development Goals presenting the results of an investigation conducted at the An-Najah University of Nablus.

If you have missed the webinar, the full recording is available here.


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