November 15, 2018

More than 300 good practices on employability and entrepreneurship are now online !


The RESUME project aims at enhancing and reinforcing the role and potential of Higher Education Institutions in the development of employability in the Mediterranean countries.

For that purpose and according to one of the four priority actions established by the European Commission, the OECD and ETF, the project pursued the establishment of a platform for the identification and exchange of best practices fostering employability.

The aim of this work is double: on the one hand opening dialogue and cooperation between different stakeholders (HEIs, enterprises and politicians), on the other hand supporting a mutual learning strengthening the competences of the HEIs staff facing the challenge of increasing graduates’ employability.

Over 3 years the RESUME partners collected about 300 good practices concerning young graduates’ employability and more exactly about  7 specific topics, which are:

  1. « Strengthening the match between education and labour market »
  2. « Best practices at national, regional and local policy aiming at promoting employment and entrepreneurship »
  3. « Education, training and mobility : how to develop young entrepreneurs »
  4. « Innovation and Entrepreneurship »
  5. « Employability of PhD students »
  6. « Innovation and digital: What leadership for women? »
  7. « Rethink education, what competences for the jobs of tomorrow? »

7 conferences were indeed organised focused on these subjects in Barcelona, Rabat, Sousse, Beirut, Marseilles, Marrakesh and Sfax in order to present the best practices selected among the 300 which were collected.

On the project website all the 300 good practices are available and detailed by the following criteria:

  • Context
  • Visibility
  • Transferability
  • Sustainability
  • Innovative character
  • Impact

To read and consult all the good practices, please go here.

Feel free to share the best practices among your colleagues and contacts!