April 12, 2024

Networking Event online on April 29 (15.00 – 16.30 CEST): Pitch & Meet with UNIMED and Università del Salento


The University of Salento, together with UNIMED and in collaboration with APRE, organises a Networking Online Event with the aim of promoting cooperation in the framework of Horizon Europe, providing thus potential applicants under the Programme with a space for exchange and sharing of ideas for collaboration and expertise offers/requests.

Particurarly, the Research Teams will present their expertise and proposal for collaboration as Coordinator/Partner in the field of:

  • #Civil Security: Real-time data analysis and fast-response surveillance systems for critical infrastructures crisis management; Water Security.

Additional topics:

  • #Health: Medical robotics, Neuro-physio-rehabilitation, Biomechanical stress, post-covid and long covid cares, Theranostics (Therapy & Diagnostics)
  • #Energy: waste-to-energy technology; biofuel technologies; Energy efficiency; Sustainable building Technologies; Advanced Materials; Phase Change Materials (PCMs); Thermal Energy Storage (TES); green AI; sustainable software engineering.

The event is open to organisations at EU and international level, potentially interested in the partnership offer from University of Salento or willing to have a Pitch and showcasing their expertise and ideas for collaboration in these fields.

Here you can find the Programme of the Networking Event.

This is the link to register REGISTER & APPLY FOR A PITCH!

The event is framed within the activities of the SubNework Safety and Security of Critical Infrastructures.