November 19, 2021 

New report: Higher education diversity strategies for migrant and refugee inclusion


The inclusion and integration of migrants is an important social and economic investment, and education and training can play a key role in it. Since 2015, higher education institutions have welcomed students and academics with a refugee(-like) background, and provided them with active support. These initiatives have also contributed to raising general awareness on matters of social diversity and inequality, and at some universities lead to broadening of their diversity and inclusion approaches.

The report “Higher education diversity strategies for migrant and refugee inclusion” presents a comparative analysis of the interplay of support measures for migrants with a refugee (-like) background provided by European higher education institutions, and their diversity and inclusion strategies. It discusses how this strategic link influences both the day-to-day implementation and the overall impact of the support initiatives.


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This report has been published in the framework of the Erasmus+ project “UNI(di)VERSITY“, led by Sapienza University. An interactive presentation of the support initiatives for migrants with a refugee(-like) background featured in the report is available on the project website.

Reposted from EUA – European University Association


The UNI(di)VERSITY “Socially responsible university for inclusive societies in the era of migration” project aims to support European Higher Education Institutions to uphold their role towards building inclusive societies in the era of migration, with a view to promoting the social inclusion of migrants and refugees. The project is implemented by a consortium composed by Sapienza University, (coordinator), UNIMEDUniversity of Barcelona Solidarity Foundation, EUA, Campus France (associate partner), IOM (associate partner). It is a 3-year project co-funded with support of the Erasmus+ programme of the European Union.

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