July 27, 2023 | Expert Voices News

On crisis journalism in post-Gaddafi Libya. An article by Ali Farfar and Andrea Miconi


The late Prof. Ali Farfar (University of Tripoli, Libya) and Prof. Andrea Miconi (IULM University, Italy) have analyzed the state of journalism in Libya, at the intersection between two phenomena: its transformations due to digitization and the specific role of information in unstable areas – so to speak, the encounter between the crisis of journalism and the crisis journalism.

In the article On crisis journalism in post-Gaddafi Libya published on PROBLEMI DELL’INFORMAZIONE – ANNO XLVIII, N. 2, AGOSTO 2023, and given the amplitude of the argument, the two authors focused on post-Gaddafi Libya, aiming at detecting the merging between professional and networked journalism, and the role information and media literacy can play in the rebuilding of the country. The specific issue of citizen journalism has been analyzed also by means of a consultation with twenty experts in the field.

The research has been funded by the European Commission in the Erasmus+ CBHE Framework – Project PAgES- Post-Crisis Journalism in Post-crisis Libya. A Bottom-up Approach to the Development of a Cross-Media Journalism Master Program (project number PP-1-2018-1-IT-EPPKA2-CBHE-JP).

The full article is available here.

Cover picture of the news by Wolfgang Ehrecke on Pixabay