April 28, 2021

Online teaching techniques and tools


Under the umbrella of the DIGIHEALTH project, UNIMED conducted a training module on “Online teaching techniques and tools” from 23 February to 23 March 2021. The aim of the training was to provide practical knowledge about online teaching techniques and tools, as a follow up of the first training in Beirut where participants have gained an understanding of recent online learning developments and trends. The training focussed on issues emerging from the project needs analysis and the first training session, namely engagement and facilitation, gamification and open teaching approaches.

The training started with an introductory online workshop and then explored three key strategies to improve teaching online. For every theme, some content was shared in advance by the experts so that the webinars could be dedicated as well to discuss how these approaches could be implemented by the participants. These reflections were then the focus of the last week of training, during which participants worked to “localise” the learnt methodology.

Learning resources, recordings and conversations among the participants are available on a mini website developed to supporting the online training activities available at https://digihealth.uni-med.net/

participants profile

A total of 70 participants registered in the training, of which 64 are faculty members from the DIGIHEALTH partner universities in Lebanon and in Syria (Lebanese University, Beirut Arab University, Lebanese International University, Modern University for Business and Science, Damascus University, Arab International University, and University of Hama), and 6 from other universities in Lebanon and Egypt (Al Maaref University, Assiut University, Cairo University and Alexandria University). Among them, the 81% actively participated in the course, and its 81% completed the course assignment and received a certificate of achievement.

We are grateful to the course participants for their active involvement and outstanding contributions, and for making the online learning journey so enjoyable!

More at: https://digihealth.uni-med.net/