October 4, 2020

Online training on Cross-Media Journalism organised within the PAgES project


Under the umbrella of the PAgES project, a training of trainers’ course is started online on September 28, 2020.

The training course aims to build capacity on cross-media journalism education among universities in Libya, and to support them in developing online teaching capacities. The training is built on advanced methods in cross-media and cross-media journalism teaching and aims at empowering Libyan teachers who will lead the PAgES Master Course in each university.

Participants are 44 Libyan teaching staff who will teach in the newly established Master course on Cross-Media Journalism at the Universities of Misurata, Sirte, Tripoli, and Zawia, their profile is presented in the infographic below.


The online course is composed by a preliminary phase on “Learning to Teach Online” aimed at support Libyan educators to design their teaching making better use of educational technology, whether fully online or in blended formats, and four online modules related to theoretical knowledge:

  • Module 1. New languages and formats of journalism
  • Module 2. Cross-media audiences, publics and communities
  • Module 3. Ethical standards and digital circulation of news
  • Module 4. Misinformation

Using this as a foundation, the participants will elaborate a project work consisting in a lesson (or a draft of lectures series) on one of the subjects presented online.