December 7, 2020

Opening Webinar of the SubNetwork on Mediterranean Tourism: December 9, 2020


On December 9, 2020 it will be held the Opening webinar of the SubNetwrok on Mediterranean Tourism

Launched in 2018, the SubNetwork currently counts 14 member Universities from 8 countries.

Among the members, the University of Jordan and the University of Girona have agreed on being respectively the SubNetwork Coordinator and Co-coordinator and we are very grateful for their commitment.

The webinar will be the first official meeting of the SubNetwork on Mediterranean Tourism and the occasion to get to know each other, learn more on what Universities do in the field of Tourism and jointly discuss the SubNetwork action plan for the upcoming months. The topic of this SubNetwork is even more relevant now due to the COVID outbreak and its impacts on the Tourism sector and we think that it is time for the SubNetwork to come alive.

Find here the agenda of the meeting and discover more on this SubNetwork.

Only representatives of UNIMED Associated Universities can participate in the meeting.