July 25, 2022

Preliminary results of the MUSALIHA project: an overview of the current Syrian higher education system


In the framework of the MUSALIHA project, which aims to define a clearer state of the art – both in qualitative and quantitative terms – of the current Syrian higher education system and to develop recommendations for international stakeholders and local institutions in order to ensure an effective re-establishment of university cooperation capable to carry out peace-building actions in the country, the UNIMED team, partnering with 3 universities in the region, namely the Lebanese International University, the University of Duhok and the Istanbul Aydin University, has launched an evaluation work through the presentation of survey, targeting 33 Syrian Higher Education Institutions

Out of these, 13 universities have replied to the survey. Respondents included both public and private institutions, big and small universities (among which the University of Damascus considered the oldest and biggest Syrian university), new and old institutions, with a wide geographical scope. 

All universities together represent more than 550.000 students, more than 7000 members of the academic staff (teachers, assistant professors, lecturers, etc) and about 15.000 staff and administrative employees. Therefore, the answers collected have the potential of being representative of the Higher Education sector in Syria and of being a realiable starting point for further analyses and actions to be implemented.