February 12, 2016

PROGREEN Project – Technical Visits in Italy – February 7th to 12nd, 2016




In the framework of PRO-GREEN Project Joint/Dual Professional Graduate Diploma and Professional Degree in Green Technologies, a delegation of 12 students and 4 Professors of the Joint Diploma coming from the American University of Beirut (AUB) – Lebanon and American University of Cairo (AUC) – Egypt arrived in Italy on February 7th to start a technical tour visits in specialized energy centres.

As scheduled, the technical visits – organized by UNIMED and Politecnico of Turin, both partners in this project – started on February 8th with the visit to the ENEA Centre the Italian National Agency for New Technologies, Energy and Sustainable Economic Development.

On February 9th, the visit has been held at Photovoltaic Centre in Anagni where the technicians responsible of the inverter system and of the Plant showed to the participants the panels type, the power installed, annual production, number, features and power of the inverter and all the aspects related to those elements. Dr. Emilia Stoduto of UNIMED participated with students and Professors in the visits at ENEA Centre and in Anagni.

The visits continued in Sicily, starting from February 10th, at the ENEL s.p.a. Production Centre “Archimede Centre” of Priolo Gargallo (SR) and ending with the last visit of February 11st at Monte Narbone Wind Farm (AG). For the two visits in Sicily, Prof. Gian Vincenzo Fracastoro of Politecnico of Turin joined the group.

The exchange among the participants and the experts representatives of the different centres during the Italian Technical Visit has been very interesting.

The Technical Visits will continue in Sweden, organized by the University of Lund – partner in the PRO-GREEN Project. Students and Professors will arrive in Malmo on February 14th and finally will come back in Lebanon and Egypt on February 20th after visiting in Malmo: Western Harbour and Hillye, Sysav and Augustenborg and Passivhouse Villa Circuitus.

Technical Visits in Italy – Agenda