May 4, 2017

RESUME project: the Good Practices presented at the University of Sousse. Third Thematic Conference: “How can students become future entrepreneurs”


The Third conference of the RESUME project took place on 19-20 April at the University of Sousse in Tunisia on the topic: “Education, training and mobility for entrepreneurship: how to develop the entrepreneurial skills of students (How to make students of future entrepreneurs) “.

The partners presented their good practices on the theme of the conference and on the occasion, representatives of the local and national socioeconomic world were also invited to give a view strictly related to the world of entrepreneurship and the labour market.

Here at this link you could find the presentations of all the good practices:

The aim of the conference is to provide academic staff with the necessary expertise on the above subject and to open dialogue and cooperation between the various actors (HEIs, enterprises and political authorities) to boost employability of young graduates.

For more information on the conference in Sousse, please download the program here.

To see the photos of the Conference, you can visit the weblink here:

To find out more about the RESUME project, visit the project website here.